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We offer
the new GIS mapping service. (Geographic Information System)
Useful to raise awareness your product. This service is dedicated to wine and agricultural producers who want to offer their customers the opportunity to learn in a complete way, the origin of their product.

The GIS service will give you the opportunity to have:
- Static cartography: Detailed maps of your business area, creation of customized maps of routes (paths, tastings, gastronomic, etc. ..)
- Flights of modeling three-dimensional mapping (video format) See the video

All the produced material (static and video) can be published on your website, CD and DVD media, on paper (integration with your existing brochures, maps, leaflets, etc. ..)

This service is available to all interested companies. Download the .pdf information paper.

From an idea of Kappa Design and Gis&YouInternet has opened the doors to global markets even for small production companies by encouraging the development and growth of agricultural trade. We think that we should still maintain a direct contact with the everyday life of agricultural labor, which remains one of the most precious and vital to the health of the planet.

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